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Decorations Outdoor

decorations outdoor

decorations outdoor - Cancun Outdoor

Cancun Outdoor Rug in Turquoise and Moss Green

Cancun Outdoor Rug in Turquoise and Moss Green

Fab Rugs are beautifully crafted to add a touch of elegance to any home. They are each made of premium quality recylced polypropylene straws, tightly woven to offer strength, softness and beauty. The colors used are UV stabilized to prevent fading from exposure to the sun. Moisture will have no effect whatsoever on these plastic rugs, while mildew will always stay away. The rugs are washable and can easily be cleaned with a graden hose and soap. The material makes them well suited for outdoor use, but look equally beautiful indoors. Fab Rugs are light and easy to take along for picnics and camping trips.Features: - Inspired from many different regions and cultures - Suitable for Outdoor/Indoor Use - UV Stabilized and Mold/Mildew Resistant - Affordable and Eco Friendly - Jute Carrying Case - Roll up and take camping, baseball games or anywhere - Country Of Origin: India - Item Number: 105394

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One of the first decorations I ever put up. Witches look realistic because of the great masks I found for $2 each at a second hand store. The cauldron mists & makes bubbling noises. This year I hope to make it so the witches have cackling noise sound effects.

Corner view

Corner view

The lawn (of my parents house) looking from the front left corner. This was 2006 - there will be quite a bit more for '07. You can see the viking skeleton riding the black horse on the right and the other decorations in front of him.

decorations outdoor

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