Cowboy cake decorating - Leopard home decor - Decorating wicker baskets.


Cowboy Kitchen Decor. Decorating Front Door For Christmas.

Cowboy Kitchen Decor

cowboy kitchen decor

let the pilgrims and indians live together in peace and harmony

let the pilgrims and indians live together in peace and harmony

...not this pilgrim and Indian - more like cowboy and wild Indian in the Wild West!

This Thanksgiving holiday with its blessings so grand
Should serve to remind us of the joys at hand
The friendships we treasure, our families dear
The love we''ve been given and shared, year to year
The food at our tables, where many have none
The dawn of each morning beneath the bright sun
The dreams that we carry; the warmth in our hearts
That bring us together when we are apart.

The walks by the lakeshore as stars light the sky
The joys in the children who quickly pass by
The stillness of nature, the comforts of home
Each blessing the greatest that could ever be known
The warm, pleasured scents from the kitchen, delight
Arousing the senses near the firelight
The wondrous decor of the season to come
Good tidings, best wishes for everyone.

The freedom we hold, so to live peacefully
The soldiers who serve us, so diligently
The air that we breathe, the flowers we grow
The brightness of spring, the coldness of snow
Our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives
And the furry creatures who capture our lives –
All are blessings we’re given to cherish, always
Yet, especially so on Thanksgiving Day.

Celebrate this time for the beauty abound
Be thankful for all of the blessings you''ve found
For in the end, blessed you will truly be –
A soul filled with love, peace and harmony
Happy Thanksgiving, my friends; I am blessed, indeed
I am thankful for the love you have shared, selflessly
May each road that you travel be paved with a smile
Have a wonderful holiday....enjoyed in style!

© 2003 - Jill Eisnaugle’s Poetry Collection

IMG 3225

IMG 3225

More vintage kitchen treasures; Ken-L-Ration salt and pepper set, the Ranger himself (he's a plastic pitcher with a cowboy hat for a lid), two rare mint condition Gilner egg cups (we have a yellow one also), a sweet plastic washer s&p set, and fun clothes on hangers coaster set.

cowboy kitchen decor

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